Fire Authority Handbook

The Fire Authority Handbook

The Fire Authority Handbook contains such information as the Authority's Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Scheme of Delegation, and its ethical governance (standards arrangements).

Fire Authority Handbook:

Superseded by

    The Bedfordshire Fire Service (Combination Scheme) (Variation) Order 2012
    Standing Orders
    Procurement Policy and Procedures
    Financial Regulations
    Code of Conduct
    Register of Interests Form
    Guidance on Gifts/Hospitality
    Complaints Against Members
    Arrangements for Dealing with Standards Allegation
    Employee/Member Protocol
    Scheme of Delegation by the Authority to the Chief Fire Officer and its Officers
    The 2015/16 Budget Book and the 2015/16 to 2018/19 Medium-Term Financial Strategy
    Statement of Accounts
    Scheme of Members' Allowances
    Comprehensive Equality Policy
    Information Security
    Policy on the Use of the Internet
    Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy
    Code of Conduct - All Employees
    Protected Reporting (Whistleblowing) Policy and Procedure
    Complaints and Compliments
    Protocol on the Use of Authority Resources by Members